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hillary, brittanie and ganon at the mall

another page from my altered book. it's nearing completion.

was hanging with the ladiez when i decided to sketch a bit. above is the result. i have discovered in scanning this image that the copic color "cool shadow" is a lot like non-photo blue: it really doesn't reproduce very well. i can't see it at all in the scan. 8^( ah, well. *shrugs*
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altered book, mixed media
photos by alice woodside

progress on the altered book from this entry.
i'm almost done. i still have some blank pages to deal with and some pages to glue together.
alice was experimenting with her camera and volunteered to take the photos. thanks, alice!

i don't know what has happened to my camera. i saw it last saturday and haven't seen it since. 9.9 oy.
there are more pages that we didn't get photos of, but hopefully i'll get some of those soon.

this project has been one of the most therapeutic for me. i'm starting to get a feeling that i can do things again.

more pages soon.
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ink and watercolor
drawn 3-3-07
finished 3-4-07

first illustrationfriday. i've decided for the moment, that all pieces i do for that will be put in my altered book.
the topic this week is "hide," something i feel i do with my emotions a lot. when i'm around friends or busy, you can't tell that i'm still grieving. it distracts me enough to where i don't think about it or like i can detach myself from it.
it usually hits me in the car by myself, at work when there's a lot of stress or at night just before i go sleep. whenever it's an acceptable time to let these feelings out, such as being surrounded by understanding friends, i usually find that i can''s weird. suppose i don't want to get them all down and upset. however, this month will mark one year. i may find myself unable to hide the tears.

and like i stated earlier, this is not a call for help or attention. i'm just being honest with myself. art is therapy.

for those unfamiliar with illustrationfriday, here's brief explanation:
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altered book, mixed media
7.5" x 5.125" wide
march 2007
front cover

i've started my first altered book. i found a small hardcover in the bargain bin at barnes and noble and decided to give it a try.
i saw some beautiful altered books at the Ringling School of Art booth at MegaCon. that inspired me even more.
this is what i have so far...not much, but it's a work in progress.
no, the figure is not a jumper. it signifies how i've felt this past year, like the rug was ripped out from under me and i was free-falling. with friends and things to keep me busy i've felt more like i'm flying under my own control. i will be putting a lot of my emotions in this thing. it's not a call for attention. i don't want to be an lj drama whore. i'm just putting my feeling down, in art, to help me cope with them.

i will periodically post pages from the book as i create them. i'm also going to be doing illustrationfriday stuff in here. see next entry.


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