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"two lights to guide her by"
pilot rollerball, micron pigma, copics, jellyroll pes, and opaque white ink in a moleskine journal.

drawn earlier this year, began inking about a month ago-with tweaks all along the way. these are characters from my on-very-long-hiatus webcomic, but i had an itch to draw them that day.
i didn't erase my pencil lines. if you look around ferdinand, you can still see some of it by his wings.

another difference is that i did not pencil in much of the background. i just had the moon and path roughly lined out. the rest i sketched in with the rollerball.
why is it purple? because that was the one i had that day, i.e. it was the first one i grabbed. it was the first time i drew with a rollerball, freehand, and didn't make any major mistakes.

yes, the bird is glowing in the dark. that's something i've always had in mind for his character and never had a chance to illustrate (or the skills to properly show it.)

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banner art

mixed media (digital art, drawings inked and color with copics.)
reduced to fit the web a bit better.
original size=24" x 63"

this is my banner for my table at CAPE. it should be in my hands on Thursday. can't wait for it to be back from the printer. the colors are a little off here...sorry about that. the colors were in CMYK and when it got converted to RGB, it just made things look funny.
had a minor adventure getting the art to the priner. thanks to JT over at nightgig for giving me a place to upload it.

so, i'm excited about CAPE! i hope it's even more fun than last year's. i'll be sitting by [ profile] girlwithoutfear again and my dear friend [ profile] wayfarersgirl will be on hand to assist us, *cough cough be our booth bunny cough cough* so that's all kinds of awesome right there.
just look for the banner and you should find me. i will once again be doing commissions, selling ashcans/mini comics and i will have art cards of superheroes/anime & manga characters to sell. plus, since they are going slow in my etsy store, i'll be selling copies of the "Save Yourself" print, and i'm finishing up a new print.

also, looking forward to the fun that is the live art night. this year, it's to benefit the ronald mcdonald house. making sure i pack extra art supplies for that. watching all these talented people create art in front of you...there's nothing like it!

i'm sad that [ profile] kotasworld will not be able to attend CAPE this year, but that's the way things go, especially since he's starting school. there is always next year.
oy. just reminded myself that he and i are more than likely going to get teased mercilessly by the entire nightgig crew at next year's megacon. *facepalm*
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Blue Canary: Caffeine Fix
by ~bluecanarykit on deviantART

First page of a 6 page story originally drawn for my ashcan comic for last year's cons. Polished it up with a splash of color and it will be in this year's Nightgig Sampler. Wish this DA things weren't so small on my lj, though. i'd like for the preview to be bigger. *shrugs*

Apologies to Tim & [profile] madscott for my delays. sorry to be the last to turn her pages in. *hides head in shame* Blame all printing delays and some such on me.

Now, i have to draw a new 6 page story to replace this one (can't sell the black and white right by the color verison!) and, if i want another ashcan, 2 more stories. I better get crackin'!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My wacom tablet started acting up yesterday. The eraser nib worked, the wacom mouse worked, the pen nib on my stylus would not.  However, i talked with wacom tech support tonight and they are shipping me a new one. Yay!
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"Chibi Elvis"
Thanks to [ profile] girlwithoutfear for the suggestion.
pencil on paper
Oct. 29, 2007

Yup, nuthin' says "Happy Halloween" quite like Elvis. still waitin' on the trickertreaters to show. so far, nothing. it's said when you've got a big bowl of candy ready to share and no one seems to want to come by. *shrugs*
what i can't eat, i'll take to work. *evil grin* share the calories!

[ profile] asqmh nudged me to update. haven't felt artsy lately. *sigh* best cure to that, and i have to constantly remind myself everytime i get like this, is to get up off my butt, get paper and pencil and start drawing.

also, first update from a mac. safari does not have the built in edit tools to link the lj user names and such. i shall have to look them up the hard way and hope lj reads the code right. if not, sorry for the sloppy entry.

another sketch here! )
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drawn 2-6-07
pencil on paper

cover for the ashcan comic i've been working on.
one of amelia's hands need work and i need to draw ferdinand, he doesn't look right.
yes, that's a pair of horns and batwings on the soda can she's holding. possessed soda machines tend to do that. 6^)P
fyi-odile is drinking water.

a week from tomorrow i'll be on a plane heading towards florida for MegaCon. i'll be at the nightgig booth with tim, [profile] madscottand [personal profile] jocelyncee. looking forward to this! gotta finish the ashcan though! i have one more story to finish thumbnailing and draw. the cover image is from that story. stop by booth red 5 (the minute i heard that [personal profile] jocelyncee and i started doing star wars references: "this is red 5, i'm going in!" "red leader, this is gold leader." we're such geeks.) and visit us! pick up a copy of the ashcan comic!

i've asked my fellow Nan Grant winners to contribute anything they wanted (ads, art previews, short story, etc.)and it should me awesome.

i'm also going to CAPE again this year with [profile] girlwithoutfear. yay! i loved CAPE and i'm excited to go. i just hope it doesn't conflict with memphis in may, for [personal profile] hillarygayle has commanded that i go. 8^)

and back in december, i started a comicspace site for myself.
comicspace is like myspace for comic creators, fans and folks in the comic industry. they just enabled the feature to allow you to post comics there. i'll be posting something there soon.  in the meantime f-list, go check it out!
i'm avoiding myspace like the plague, but i love the site. it's easy on the eyes. i'll post here when i post a comic there.
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drawn 10-6-06
pencil on paper

this is from earlier in the month.
just working on costume design. i came up with this after watching "sense and sensibility" with c that weekend. i took the empire look, modernized it a bit and plan on using it for one of ferdinand and amelia's adventures.
she's supposed to be holding onto the railing of a ship with her left hand.
the pose is prolly all wonky, but i was focused more on the costume than the anatomy.

also, [profile] girlwithoutfear gave me a blank paperbag scrapbook. since that weekend, i've been working on it, making it into a collage art book, dealing with my grief. it's been theaputic. when it is completed, i will scan and post it here.
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- drawn 20 June 2005 -
colored 28 June, 2006

look familiar?
still playing with copics.
i just wish i could show these to ken. i hate working on art and not being able to get his feedback...*sigh*
i'm not too happy with the color of her outfit, but... *shrugs*

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drawn 18 June, 2006
pencil on paper

sketch of Nalirah for the Blue Canary "Coming Soon" Triptych. i drew this at [profile] girlwithoutfear's the other night.For those of you who didn't take art history in college, what's a triptych? no, it's not a tick on acid. a triptych is an artwork that's in three pieces. in medevial times, these would be painted or carved, with hinges between the pieces so the outer panels could be used as little doors. you saw alot of triptychs as altar pieces.
ok, end of lesson.
mine will have some paint, i intend to use watercolor, but mostly pencil, pen and collage. there are no hinges in the plan as of yet, my original intention is to frame it as one piece, but leave gaps between the panels that let the matteboard show through. we'll see.
like i mentioned in an earlier post, i'm creating this as a coming soon image for my nightgig page.
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pen & ink
finished 4-30-2006

this is the last vignette for the collaboration between me and alice. look familiar? like a pencil sketch from earlier...
just a note: i hate how the tree in the background turned out, but oh well. not everything can be perfect.
the deadline on the quilt that we are working on has been moved back & will be entered into a different contest, mostly so she can focus on the one using ken's art. also, because i have only now finished this. mostly becuase i was trying to make it too complex. orignally, amelia and ferdinand would be singing at court, we'd see the king and courtiers in the background. then, i thought about the wilderness, surrounded by her fellow minstrels in the caravan. alice thought i was overthinking it, plus none of the other vignettes has any other people besides amelia and ferd.

the quilt with ken's art is looking great. she has to finish tomorrow so she can get the entry photos postmarked by tomorrow.
go check out her blog to see the progress. i wish i could show it to ken...

alice & i have also been getting ready for cape. i found a 14x17" portfolio so i can bring the current blue canary pages i've worked on.  it just feels go have a mini-adventure and not be able to tell ken all about it, that i can't call him while i'm gone.

i, myself, am ok to some extent. some days i'm myself again, but i feel guilty when i am. other days, i just seem to mope around. i'm restless and indecisive. i'm so unsure of things that i really can't think too straight. i guess what mostly describes what i'm going through is confusion. i don't know what to do now. i know i'm waking up everyday, doing what i need to, "putting one foot in front of the other," as my mother would say...i just feel a bit lost doing it. *shakes head* it's hard to describe...i can't find the words at times.
most of all, i wish ken was still here with me.

what has been the hardest so far was going to the wedding of my friend, kellie. it's been planned for well over a year i think. i wasn't going to disappoint her, even though i know she would've understood had i stayed at home. everyone, from [personal profile] jocelyncee to kellie's family were always saying how glad they were that i came, with amazement in their eyes that i did come considering...
and yes, i did cry. especially at the rehearsal...i could feel the tears coming on and excused myself so i would distract everyone. i had a feeling that my tears would draw attention away from the bride, which wouldn't be right since it was her day, not mine. kellie's mom found me and gave comfort. she's really sweet.

why did i go? because i just can't hide from things like this. it's going to hurt, so let's just get it over with now or i may not face it at all. i don't want to hide from things all my life. ken wouldn't want me to do that. i know this.
a lot of times it irritates me when folks say, " it would be what he wanted." how do they know? did they ask?
i know of only a few absolutes from knowing and loving him as long as i did: he wouldn't want me to wallow or to give up, on life and on the things that matter to me most.
but man, no one ever said it would be easy. of course, i never expected it to be, either.

i'll prolly have to go through this all again in july when [personal profile] jocelyncee gets married, but i wouldn't miss it for the world, either. i have to face my pain no matter what.
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- inked 31 March 2006 -
pen & ink

this is the finished version of this entry's sketch. only one more quilt vignette to go.

alice and i played more with colors for ken's quilt. she even got out the fabric paint and experimented. this will look very good.

taking mom to visit ken's folks today. also meeting with j.t., an old high school friend of ken's who has some ken-related stories for me. alice is coming with.
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- drawn 26 March 2006 -
inked 30 March 2006
pen & ink

another vignette for the quilt.
amelia prefers to snuggle near the nightlight than stay in bed.

[profile] girlwithoutfear has a rough on how she'll be doing the celtic knotwork on the quilt with ken's art. go check her reality blog to see...

i'm doing better today. visited with alice some.
was going to visit ken's folks, but they were busy tonight. i'll see them on saturday, though.
*hugs* to all for the thoughts, prayers and stuff. it's helping.
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- drawn 29 March 2006 -
pencil on paper

it's not done yet, still have to finish the ship in the background and an island, but for the most part, this is the pirates vignette for the quilt alice ([profile] girlwithoutfear) and i are working on. yes, ferd is an albatross in this scene (i know i'll hear john cleese screaming "albatross!" every time i draw him thus.) why an albatross? because a seagull sounded boring.
ferdinand can change his shape to other types of birds and one other thing...

alice is thinking of doing a border of celtic knotwork for the quilt with ken's art. i think it's appropriate since it's art from in shining armor.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

it's been a strange day-nothing unusual happened, i've just felt odd. i'm not sick, i just haven't felt normal. of course, my friends would say that is to be expected. *shrugs* since i have no idea what to expect anymore, i'm just second guessing myself constantly. it's wearing on me.
one minute, i'm fine. i can lose myself in a book or a dvd, but's like ultra mood swings. i think i understand my mother's bi-polar condition a bit more.

i constantly find stuff that reminds me of ken. yesterday, i couldn't take it. any tom petty song on the radio, seeing chocolate covered expresso beans at the store or even getting fast food will trigger a memory. sometimes i can handle it. it's weird how detached i feel at the moment...i can look at it analytically. tomorrow i may be raging at the world in general. right now, i'm calm. hmmm. maybe some would call it numb. i'm no longer sure.

i am known amoung my friends for being...well, oblivious. introspection does not come easily to me. simple stuff i tend to overlook.
i think i'm searching too hard to figure out what to do next that i'm overlooking obvious stuff. mom keeps reminding me to take it one step at a time. i know she's just trying to help and comfort but sometimes the words sound trite and repeatative. i know mom is not meaning it that way, but ...i dunno.
there's a ken-shaped hole in my heart and in my life. i know i can still talk to him, but i can't converse like i used to. my imagination will take over for his responses, but i know it's just that, my imagination and that's just putting words in his mouth. how could i know he would respond that way?
i wrote him an email yesterday. i know, i'm not expecting any replies, except maybe the email being bounced, but it felt like something i had to do.
i just can't seem to let go.

i'm adrift and i've lost my anchor.
and i just noticed that what i just typed matched the nautical theme in the artwork. oy.
ok, i'm offically tired and going to bed. i just can't think straight.

quilt art

Mar. 26th, 2006 11:25 pm
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-drawn 26 Mar 2006-
pen & ink

i believe that ken would be furious if i gave up drawing out of sorrow and grief. the quilt project with alice continues as planned. that mean's sketches are back up here.
above is one of the vignettes for the quilt.

i drew this tonight at doug & c's house. alice and i had come over to watch movies and just veg.
i find myself sometimes feeling almost like me again-a bit cheery , actually and i feel guilty when i do.
c thought that it's just a normal part of the healing process, that life does go on and that ken wouldn't want me to stay sad.

i realize this, but i still feel guilty. i know that life is about change, you ever go with it or you choose not to, which results in stagnation and death. i just don't know what my future holds anymore. before, i had a pretty good idea.

c said that her mom lost a brother due to a drunk driving accident. he was just a teenager. it's been over 30 years and she still has trouble talking about it on some days. what has happened will always effect me, i just don't know how.


Mar. 8th, 2006 05:57 pm
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- drawn 8 Mar 2006 -
pencil on paper

just a sketch of Odile because i feel like it.
haven't drawn her in awhile...

i'm off to [profile] girlwithoutfear's house for more quilt planning. 8^D

mom's crashing at my place with a broken ankle. i'll be helping her in what ways i can, but it won't be easy or fun, especially for her.
maybe i an at least get some more drawing time in.
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-drawn 2 Mar, 2006 -
pencil on paper

last night, my friend, alice, and i have decided to work on a little project together that features my characters, (it was her idea.) i do the art and she'll turn it into a quilt. not a hokey one, either but a cool art quilt with embroidery, beadwork and embellishments.

why are we doing this you ask? we are thinking of entering the Husqvarna Viking quilting competition, (again, her idea. doesn't she have the coolest ideas?) the theme this year is "Imagine That!" and she said she thought of Amelia & Ferdinand when she read that. 8^D
we are both excited about this! entries have to be postmarked by may 2, so i better get crackin'!
go check out alice's daredevil quilts to get the idea of her stuff. if the link doesn't work, you may have to click on the link in her page to her gallery. a note about how she embroiders: she doesn't put a digital image in the machine and let it work, oh no, not alice. she likes to guide the machine by hand. she gets some really cool textures in the thread that way.

whether we win or lose, if we go to cons and share a booth in artist's alley, then we'll have something to display that represents what both of us do. 8^)

the above sketch is one of the vignettes for the quilt. each one shows Amelia and Ferdinand in an imaginative adventure. This one is for a medieval-like world where Minstrels and Troubadours roam in little caravans entertaining rich and poor alike. i like the lute Amelia has, but i accidently made her left-handed. opps!
Amelia's Minstrel Costume Design under here! )
off to work i go! guess who has a full-time job again? 6^) now i can at least pay rent.
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- drawn 10-Feb-06 -
pencil on paper

tim @ nightgig, where blue canary will be resurrected, had suggested that i make a coming soon page and this is a sketch for a drawing for that.
it's a three piece image or a triptych (am i spelling that correctly?)the scan quality isn't that hot on this one, but it's mostly for my reference.
the piece is meant to be seen from one of two angles, like the one above, or the one behind this cut... )
i will be hand coloring the finished piece using watercolor washes.

i haven't updated my sketchblog much for a reason, see my real life blog for details. prayers for my mom would be appreciated.
i'm off to get ready and go to mom's. i have some cleaning to do.
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-drawn 24 Nov 2005-
pencil on paper

taking a break from visiting with family and feeding my face when i drew this. another character idea for Blue Canary. his name is Callen.
it will be awhile before we meet him, let's just say it has lots to do with "Many Gateways" and leave it at that. 8^)
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-drawn 19 Nov 2005 -
pencil on paper
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-drawn 6 Nov 2005 -
pencil on paper
image scanned by James Donovan (thanks, James!)

this is a sketch was a commission for James Donovan, one of my fellow volunteers this year at Wizard World Texas. it was awesome. i'll post info about the trip on my real life blog soon.

upon [ profile] darediva's prompting, i showed my art to my fellow volunteers. James and Dan both wanted sketches. i don't have a copy of Dan's (which he was gracious enough to pay me for! *woah! new concept! getting paid to do art! cool!*) he requested Thor and Storm. i had to hunt for costume references. it wasn't my best sketch, but he loved it and that's what matters.

James said to draw whatever i want and Odile usually makes for neat sketches, so voila! here she is. i think the arms are a bit too long for the body, but i finally got the combat boots right. go me! this sketch was a blast to draw. 8^) definately thinking about volunteering again next year.
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- drawn 2004 -
pencil on paper

haven't had too many recent sketches to show as of late. see real-life blog for details. i've been in conway for the week and away from my computer.
i really like drawing odile in various styles. this was drawn last year, when i was trying to improve my skills by using a book of poses for drawing reference. i still think i need to study human anatomy for drawing. the sketch came out ok, but i should have exaggerated the pose for it to look more realistic. i'm proud of  how the magic turned out, all wispy and smokey. 8^)
the hands still need work. i erased one and still haven't drawn back in.


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