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cactus-film noir detective

thanks to [ profile] mattdocmartin for the photo! it was awesome seeing you and all the YABSters!
pastel, marker and crayon on matte board
art from the Live Art Night benefit

will be posting a full con report later, with art. still recovering from CAPE.
i didn't get many photos, too busy drawing and seeing stuff. will post links to other's photos so you who didn't go can see what you missed and why you need to go next year!

it was great seeing everyone again. thanks again to all who came by my table and bought a sketch!
special thanks to [ profile] wayfarersgirl for coming out, visiting and being a super nifty booth bunny for [ profile] girlwithoutfear and me! i'm sooo happy i gots to see you again!

tshirt art!

May. 1st, 2008 07:41 pm
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tshirt art

tshirt design from work, back imprint
pen and ink line art, scanned and vectorized, corel draw

just a quick note while i scramble to get things finished up for CAPE.
this was for a rush job at work and i'm so tickled on how it turned out that i'm posting it here.
boss, if you have a problem with it being here, let me know and i'll take it down with no hard feelings.

still trying to finish up the miss muffet print for CAPE. *crosses fingers* it's down to the wire.
stupid local kinko's, closin' at 11pm. *shakes fist at stupid local kinko's*

[ profile] girlwithoutfear and i leave early tomorrow morning. expect a con report when i get home.
i'll try not to hit any deer this time on the way home. 9.9
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banner art

mixed media (digital art, drawings inked and color with copics.)
reduced to fit the web a bit better.
original size=24" x 63"

this is my banner for my table at CAPE. it should be in my hands on Thursday. can't wait for it to be back from the printer. the colors are a little off here...sorry about that. the colors were in CMYK and when it got converted to RGB, it just made things look funny.
had a minor adventure getting the art to the priner. thanks to JT over at nightgig for giving me a place to upload it.

so, i'm excited about CAPE! i hope it's even more fun than last year's. i'll be sitting by [ profile] girlwithoutfear again and my dear friend [ profile] wayfarersgirl will be on hand to assist us, *cough cough be our booth bunny cough cough* so that's all kinds of awesome right there.
just look for the banner and you should find me. i will once again be doing commissions, selling ashcans/mini comics and i will have art cards of superheroes/anime & manga characters to sell. plus, since they are going slow in my etsy store, i'll be selling copies of the "Save Yourself" print, and i'm finishing up a new print.

also, looking forward to the fun that is the live art night. this year, it's to benefit the ronald mcdonald house. making sure i pack extra art supplies for that. watching all these talented people create art in front of you...there's nothing like it!

i'm sad that [ profile] kotasworld will not be able to attend CAPE this year, but that's the way things go, especially since he's starting school. there is always next year.
oy. just reminded myself that he and i are more than likely going to get teased mercilessly by the entire nightgig crew at next year's megacon. *facepalm*
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"Puppy Love"
drawn 5-5-2007
Commissioned by Brynne (again, i'm sorry if i mis-spelled the name.)

sorry about the image quality. had to use my digital camera.

My first return customer, she and her husband brought their little dachund this year. what a cutie! They were such sweet, sweet people and yet i keep forgetting to ask names!
Oh, well. I hope you enjoy the sketch and pet the doggie for me!

Con-report and links to photos in next post.
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"Stoopid Ninjas"
drawn 4-26-2007

busy past few months. there was a local business expo which made us busy at work, then i visited [personal profile] jocelyncee. now i'm gearing up for CAPE 3.0. alice and i will be heading down there next weekend. i'm looking forward to it. i'll be reprinting the blue canary ashcan for it.

not much else to tell. regular goings on to be reported in my regular blog when i feel up to it.

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Mint Blancmanche from the anime, Galaxy Angel
pen & ink
drawn May 6, 2006
Paid commission from C.X.

it never fails to amaze me when folks pay me to draw. 8^)
this was my first commission of the day. i don't mind drawing other folk's characters, but it's nice to have a visual referrence to go by. C.X. was thoughtful enough to bring a volume of the Galaxy Angel manga adaptation for referrence. 8^)
i've heard of the anime, seen the characters around but have never seen an episode. i'm anime poor at the moment.
thanks to C.X. for scanning the sketch.
the others i did, i had to use alice's digital camera. luckily this thing does great photos!
sorry if the images are a little dark.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
CAPE Report!
first i need to thank [profile] girlwithoutfear, a.k.a. darediva for sending my art to Sean at Zeus Comics to get the invite in the first place. (and i might add that her daredevil quilts were well received. cross your fingers that she gets lots of commissions.)
secondly, i need to thank Sean and everyone at CAPE for having me.
Third, thanks to [personal profile] divalea for all the advice. i look forward to the sketch....and speaking of-

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lea and her booth bunny, [profile] sclerotic_rings
pencil on paper
drawn may 6, 2006 (sketching a bit while waiting for the live art show & artist jam @ the metro grill after CAPE.)
the rest of the CAPE2 report... )
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watercolor & ink
drawn may 6, 2006 @ CAPE 2 in Dallas, TX

Full report on CAPE to follow later tonight, with more sketches.
Alice & I had a blast! i just wish i could've shared it with ken...

above is what i worked on while sitting at my booth. i shared a booth with alice and we had a good ole time. plus, i sold 3 sketches. woo hoo! alice has them on her digital camera so i will post them shortly.
 reasonable prices i thought, too: $10 for penciled, $16 for inked & $35 for colored. however after buying a sketch from [personal profile] divalea for only $23, i think i'll lower the price next time.

ok, i've got to get ready for work.
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pen & ink
finished 4-30-2006

this is the last vignette for the collaboration between me and alice. look familiar? like a pencil sketch from earlier...
just a note: i hate how the tree in the background turned out, but oh well. not everything can be perfect.
the deadline on the quilt that we are working on has been moved back & will be entered into a different contest, mostly so she can focus on the one using ken's art. also, because i have only now finished this. mostly becuase i was trying to make it too complex. orignally, amelia and ferdinand would be singing at court, we'd see the king and courtiers in the background. then, i thought about the wilderness, surrounded by her fellow minstrels in the caravan. alice thought i was overthinking it, plus none of the other vignettes has any other people besides amelia and ferd.

the quilt with ken's art is looking great. she has to finish tomorrow so she can get the entry photos postmarked by tomorrow.
go check out her blog to see the progress. i wish i could show it to ken...

alice & i have also been getting ready for cape. i found a 14x17" portfolio so i can bring the current blue canary pages i've worked on.  it just feels go have a mini-adventure and not be able to tell ken all about it, that i can't call him while i'm gone.

i, myself, am ok to some extent. some days i'm myself again, but i feel guilty when i am. other days, i just seem to mope around. i'm restless and indecisive. i'm so unsure of things that i really can't think too straight. i guess what mostly describes what i'm going through is confusion. i don't know what to do now. i know i'm waking up everyday, doing what i need to, "putting one foot in front of the other," as my mother would say...i just feel a bit lost doing it. *shakes head* it's hard to describe...i can't find the words at times.
most of all, i wish ken was still here with me.

what has been the hardest so far was going to the wedding of my friend, kellie. it's been planned for well over a year i think. i wasn't going to disappoint her, even though i know she would've understood had i stayed at home. everyone, from [personal profile] jocelyncee to kellie's family were always saying how glad they were that i came, with amazement in their eyes that i did come considering...
and yes, i did cry. especially at the rehearsal...i could feel the tears coming on and excused myself so i would distract everyone. i had a feeling that my tears would draw attention away from the bride, which wouldn't be right since it was her day, not mine. kellie's mom found me and gave comfort. she's really sweet.

why did i go? because i just can't hide from things like this. it's going to hurt, so let's just get it over with now or i may not face it at all. i don't want to hide from things all my life. ken wouldn't want me to do that. i know this.
a lot of times it irritates me when folks say, " it would be what he wanted." how do they know? did they ask?
i know of only a few absolutes from knowing and loving him as long as i did: he wouldn't want me to wallow or to give up, on life and on the things that matter to me most.
but man, no one ever said it would be easy. of course, i never expected it to be, either.

i'll prolly have to go through this all again in july when [personal profile] jocelyncee gets married, but i wouldn't miss it for the world, either. i have to face my pain no matter what.


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