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"Atomic Robo is Not Afraid to Use a Buick"
private collection of by Scott Wegener, artist of Atomic Robo.
4x6" art card copic markers and white opaque ink (for highlights)
Atomic Robo © 2008 Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener

i know, took me forever to post these.
since this was created at a con and i lacked access to a scanner, a crappy digital camera pic was the only way i could record my art, since they now belong in the private collection of others. i've done some editing to try to get it looking right, but my apologies if it looks crappy.

i was initially disappointed by how blurry the looked, it discouraged me from posting them in the first place. hopefully, photoshop has fixed that, or at least made it tolerable.

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The Punisher for MattDocMartin

drawn March 2008
MegaCon Commission for [ profile] mattdocmartin
copics, brush pen, and white opaque ink

i managed to sell quite a few of the custom art cards this time. 8^) real happy about that.
i got photos of all, but i think the lighting wasn't so hot and some of the photos blurred.
will post them later.

MegaCon this year was so much cooler than last year and quite a lot has happened. This was a big one for me.
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Photos from the con, courtesy of myself and my fellow nightgig members:
i think there's more, but i don't have the links yet. will edit post when i do.

and there is a little more to the report but that's friends only. 8^D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

in other news, my laptop is fubar. 8^(
i'm borrowing becca's for the moment.

and yay! [ profile] wayfarersgirl is going to get to go to CAPE! woot!
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Commission: Lyn
by ~bluecanarykit on deviantART

portrait of [profile] just_lyn, commissioned by [profile] apexofgrace.
copics and brush pens.
8^D yay! it's complete!
wished the marker lines didn't show up so much in the background, but what can you do? *shrugs* the colorless blender wasn't much help here.

originally, i was going to have her flip the viewer the bird, but the hand refused to be drawn. I compromised and now she flips us off, British style.

Edit: accidently posted twice, oops.
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completed 28 May 2007
copics and white ink

[profile] prettywendylady, here's your commission!
details on prints coming soon

Edit 5-29-07 @ 12:30 a.m. :  prints for sale here! 8^D
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drawn 20 May, 2007
pencil on paper

back a couple of entries, [profile] prettywendylady commissioned me to draw something for a her little girl's room. princesses and fairies.
while i love fairy tales and was for while, lucky to have a Prince of my own, i think the future women of tomorrow need to know that it's ok to not wait around for the boy. sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands and save yourself.
here, we see rapunzel, having freshly chopped her hair, tieing it to the rail to make an escape.

wendy? whatcha think? it's it ok, i'll go ahead and start inking and coloring.

i'm in love with the way this drawing turned out. i'm toying with the idea of making and selling some prints of it. in that case, wendy, you would own the original. 8^)
would $10 a print sound fair? i could put them on etsy.

off to work.
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"Puppy Love"
drawn 5-5-2007
Commissioned by Brynne (again, i'm sorry if i mis-spelled the name.)

sorry about the image quality. had to use my digital camera.

My first return customer, she and her husband brought their little dachund this year. what a cutie! They were such sweet, sweet people and yet i keep forgetting to ask names!
Oh, well. I hope you enjoy the sketch and pet the doggie for me!

Con-report and links to photos in next post.


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