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The Punisher for MattDocMartin

drawn March 2008
MegaCon Commission for [ profile] mattdocmartin
copics, brush pen, and white opaque ink

i managed to sell quite a few of the custom art cards this time. 8^) real happy about that.
i got photos of all, but i think the lighting wasn't so hot and some of the photos blurred.
will post them later.

MegaCon this year was so much cooler than last year and quite a lot has happened. This was a big one for me.
u can haz con reprot! )

Photos from the con, courtesy of myself and my fellow nightgig members:
i think there's more, but i don't have the links yet. will edit post when i do.

and there is a little more to the report but that's friends only. 8^D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

in other news, my laptop is fubar. 8^(
i'm borrowing becca's for the moment.

and yay! [ profile] wayfarersgirl is going to get to go to CAPE! woot!
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"Puppy Love"
drawn 5-5-2007
Commissioned by Brynne (again, i'm sorry if i mis-spelled the name.)

sorry about the image quality. had to use my digital camera.

My first return customer, she and her husband brought their little dachund this year. what a cutie! They were such sweet, sweet people and yet i keep forgetting to ask names!
Oh, well. I hope you enjoy the sketch and pet the doggie for me!

Con-report and links to photos in next post.
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drawn 17 Feb. 2007
Ink and copic
"Winter Walk"
I want Amelia's Kitty Hat. mine is getting ratty and old looking.

more later. very tired.
job interview went well. we'll see if i get the job. that is all. 8^)
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Originally uploaded by madscott.
Drawn 17 Feb. 2007
Copics and ink on Cardstock

Tim (or was it [profile] madscott?) had a spiffy idea to sketch on preformated frames with the nightgig address. we all sat around saturday night after the con and sketched and drew. it was a blast.
click on the drawing to see it in more detail.
to see the other sketches, click here.

will post con report and more sketches later.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
i have a job interview tomorrow in memphis. eeeek! i feel very unprepared and nervous. be thinking good thoughts and stuff.
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drawn 17 Feb. 2007
Copics and ink

well, i drew one at CAPE 2.0, now at MegaCon. it's official. i have to draw at least one cat girl for every con attended. 8^)P

i got to meet lots of cool folks! i snagged great loot! lots o' fun.
more sketches, plus photos or links to them plus a con report. stay tuned!
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i said i'd post them. sorry it took so long, but i've been busy job hunting.
this is the rest of the sketches between me and Steve Troop back from Wizard World Texas earlier this month.
medium used is pencil on paper, unless otherwise noted. art by Steve & Me, unless otherwise noted. You guys should know my art style by now to be able to pick out mine and any melonpool fan will recoginze steve's stuff in a heartbeat.

at this point alice got up to be a fangirl since 2 of her favorite artists had arrived, not that i blame her. 8^)
at this point i thought it unfair to continue the scwiggle game without her so i just began drawing Odile and then steve started to draw in response to my sketch. it was alot fun, trying to copy-cat the pose with our own characters.

Image hosted by

Odile and a Spider

Remaining Sketches Under Here! )
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Image hosted by

artists= Steve Troop, Kathryn White
pencil on paper

There was an art jam sponsered by Fanboy Radio while i was at the con. very fun. Alice and I visited with Steve at a table. Alice has some great photos which she will be posting soon. i'll post a link when she does. (edit 11-25-05, here's a couple of her photos.)
in the meantime, Steve introduced me to the "Scwiggle Game." some of you may know how this goes, but for those that don't...
basically you take turns. draw a little scribbly line and then pass it to the next person. they, in turn, make the scribble into an image.
it was loads of fun. i'd like to thank Steve for introducing me to it.

This way to the rest of the game! )

After this, Dave Crosland & Jim Mahfood got up to draw. They had taped huge sheets of paper and matteboard up on the wall. They created art with whatever they could: markers, whiteout, paint, spraypaint, using fingers and hands if they didn't have brushes. Later Andy Lee and David Mack showed up! it was awesome. what one artist would start, another would finish. the interplay between Mahfood's and Crosland's art was very cool. my attention was caught between watching the "stage" and doodling with Steve. Alice by now had gotten up to get photos and be a general fangirl. 6^) She even got tagged by Mahfood!
a fun time was had by all.

there are more sketches from that night, but not of the "scwiggle game" type. more like a "copycat-the-pose" type. i'll post those later. 8^D
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Image hosted by

-drawn 6 Nov 2005 -
pencil on paper
image scanned by James Donovan (thanks, James!)

this is a sketch was a commission for James Donovan, one of my fellow volunteers this year at Wizard World Texas. it was awesome. i'll post info about the trip on my real life blog soon.

upon [ profile] darediva's prompting, i showed my art to my fellow volunteers. James and Dan both wanted sketches. i don't have a copy of Dan's (which he was gracious enough to pay me for! *woah! new concept! getting paid to do art! cool!*) he requested Thor and Storm. i had to hunt for costume references. it wasn't my best sketch, but he loved it and that's what matters.

James said to draw whatever i want and Odile usually makes for neat sketches, so voila! here she is. i think the arms are a bit too long for the body, but i finally got the combat boots right. go me! this sketch was a blast to draw. 8^) definately thinking about volunteering again next year.


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