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originally posed on my twitter on April 16th.
a friend asked for design advice, so i'm reposting so i can find these easier.

design rule #1 - no more than 3 fonts per design.

design rule # 2 - convert all type to outlines/curves. we can't guarantee we have the same fonts.

design rule #3 - clip art you found on the internet is not an original logo.

design rule #4 - art from internet is too low rez (72dpi) & will print crappy, especially if you want enlarged for a big sign.

design rule # 5 -don't use a hojillion colors. it's hard to read. limit your colors to 2-3 per design.

design rule # 6 - don't design logos in photoshop. use scaleable friendly vectors like illustrator or corel draw.

design rule # 7- clip art from a cheapy design program is also not an original logo. deal with it.

design rule # 8 - do not use a script font in all caps. can't read it and it looks crappy.

design rule #9 - no real designer uses microsoft office product or publisher to design. no pro printer will be able to use it.

"design rule # 10 - Designers can't read your mind no matter how awesome we are"
-wisdom from @mastergeebo

design rule #11 - don't let family or friends design your logo, unless they are a skilled designer.

Design Rule # 12 - if printing a photo, keep it high rez (300 dpi @ least.) is ok to go to do 72 dpi if you enlarge high rez image real big!

Design Rule #12 - addendum: "real big" means like 18" wide or something. poster sized!

Design Rule # 13 - Decorative fonts like Curlz & Jokerman are only good for Headlines. Limit your useage of them. Don't use them in logos!

Design Rule # 14 - This one applies to the comics: Do not letter a comic using comic sans! In fact, just delete if off your comp entirely!

Design Rule # 14 addendum : there are many wonderful fonts for lettering a comic that are free! Go use these & thank Nate.

wisdom from @PiousKnob: "@bluecanarykit don't forget: a product shot with half a logo on it is NOT a logo image"
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new icon
digital image

Dinah here is my new kittie. she's been real company and comfort this past month, not to mention great amusement. When i discovered her in one of my dresser drawers the other night, i had to have a photo.
messing around with photoshop tonight, i made a new icon. if/when i get a paid lj account and have room for more icons, this will be added.
for now, i decided to make something creative. not terribly original in design, but i like it. 8^)

still working on the collage piece. will post that when it's ready.

my scanner is out, simply because i can't find a long enough usb cable for my current set-up. dad's house is small but even in my dinky, little room i can't find a long enough cable. *sigh* maybe if i get a usb hub...

i have 6 pages drawn that was going to be for the mini-comic for wizardworld texas. will post bits of that when scanner is up and going.
perhaps next year, [ profile] girlwithoutfear and i can go. [ profile] jocelyncee has invited me out to megacon in feburary. it sounds like fun. *must save funds for plane tickets*

my only complaint, besides missing ken, is the #$@^&*!! slow dial-up here at dad's. it seems slower than what i had at my apartment and it's from the same bunch of folks. i mean 16.8 kps! >.<
maybe it's the electrical outlet-into-phone jack adapter that slows it down. *shrugs*
the hazard of living in a third-world state like arkansas is you're at least 2 years behind the cou ntry on everything else. i wonder how much it would cost for cable internet here. must ask alice and david.

mom and i are heading to plano, texas to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins for thanksgiving.
i may post art from there. i know they have a scanner.

and lastly, i'm making plans to attend [ profile] hillarygayle's shindig at casa la creech. looking forward to that very much.
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digital media/vector art
finished 24 May 2006

the beatnik lives. thanks to [profile] glych for the dog suggestion. it greatly improves the art. 8^)
i don't know if he's a poodle, but definately a poodle-mix of some sort.

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digital media/vector art (illustrator CS)
drawn 23 May 2006

tim over at nightgig and of the gigcast asked me to come up with a little logo for their gigcast drive-bys. (think mini-podcasts.) he asked for a beatnik in a car. well, how about one in a pink caddy?

details still need to be done on the car, but the beatnik is, for the most part, finished.

there prolly is a better way to do this, but for the moment, here's what i do:
i scan my original pencils, placing them in illustrator as a jpeg and lock the object, where it can't shift around on me. then, i take the trusty pencil tool in CS and draw over it, adding color and detail where needed. simple. i can create from scratch in CS, but i want this to be exact to my pencil sketch.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

been in a blue funk the past few days. perhaps i need to keep busier. it just frustrates me that i can't share things, even the most mundane of things with him anymore. *sigh* i mean i broke down at work, twice this week and it's only wednesday. i know i need to let it out, but i just feel so unsure of i came home and art-ed before i went to bed.

i'm experimenting with fimo, trying to make charms and pendants to wear. we'll see how it turns out. working on a little piece for [profile] girlwithoutfear as a gift.

after the above piece is done, i have a commission from my aunt for an illustration for a family tree.

i'm off to hit the showers before work.
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two avatars created exclusively for [ profile] lizzy_rae, since she doesn't have any. 8^)

photos by laurionca, which i grabbed off of stock.xchng. making these made me feel better this morning.
beth, be sure to credit laurionca when you add these to your account! 6^)
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- digital media -
designed 8 August 2005

every now & then, i'll post some designwork. i made these this week, practising and brushing up my photoshop skills.
there is one i did not post. i made it expressly for [ profile] jocelyncee. i hope she enjoys it. 8^)
if you want to use it, you'll need her permission.

#3 i had made for my book blog, but i may not be able to use it since it's on blogger and i don't think they use avatars. *shrugs*

photos were found at stock.xchng, a very cool site.
i can't find who took the photos of these! wah! i'll post the names when i find them again. just to clarify, i did not take these photos. the are free stock photography.
photo credit for the one i made for jocelyncee: kfawcett.
free free to use, just credit me and when i list the photographers, credit them, too. 8^)


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