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digital media/vector art
finished 24 May 2006

the beatnik lives. thanks to [profile] glych for the dog suggestion. it greatly improves the art. 8^)
i don't know if he's a poodle, but definately a poodle-mix of some sort.

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digital media/vector art (illustrator CS)
drawn 23 May 2006

tim over at nightgig and of the gigcast asked me to come up with a little logo for their gigcast drive-bys. (think mini-podcasts.) he asked for a beatnik in a car. well, how about one in a pink caddy?

details still need to be done on the car, but the beatnik is, for the most part, finished.

there prolly is a better way to do this, but for the moment, here's what i do:
i scan my original pencils, placing them in illustrator as a jpeg and lock the object, where it can't shift around on me. then, i take the trusty pencil tool in CS and draw over it, adding color and detail where needed. simple. i can create from scratch in CS, but i want this to be exact to my pencil sketch.

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been in a blue funk the past few days. perhaps i need to keep busier. it just frustrates me that i can't share things, even the most mundane of things with him anymore. *sigh* i mean i broke down at work, twice this week and it's only wednesday. i know i need to let it out, but i just feel so unsure of i came home and art-ed before i went to bed.

i'm experimenting with fimo, trying to make charms and pendants to wear. we'll see how it turns out. working on a little piece for [profile] girlwithoutfear as a gift.

after the above piece is done, i have a commission from my aunt for an illustration for a family tree.

i'm off to hit the showers before work.


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