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"Waiting For Red"
August 2009
rollerball pen, copic sketch markers, sakura micron pigmas, & opaque white ink for highlights in a moleskine journal.

ever wondered what happened after grandma was eaten, but before little red riding hood arrived?
the wolf gets in character, of course!

i think mister b. b. wolf needs to work on his knitting.
the pattern is for a 2 legged long-john and he has 3 so far, but since he's using double-point needles and i haven't gotten the hang of them yet, i'll cut him some slack.

i loved playing with the patterns on his quilt.

and yes, the rollers that i put on miss ladybug are back. they were just too much fun and i didn't want a floppy, chef hat sort of thing that most illustrations put granny in.

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"ladybug ladybug"
finished 7-18-09
copics, micron pigmas, pitt-castel brush pen, opaque white ink in a moleskine journal

the little rhyme was in my head a few weeks back.
changed the ending though. i have a friend who was burned as a teenager and another who lost a home in a fire. the implication of endangering little insect children, therefore, was not something i could bear...even if they were imaginary insect children.
i wanted to make this cartoony as possible.

so, little miss ladybug is on her way home from the local bug laundromat, taking her faithful pet mosquito for a walk, when she sees the smoke.
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"two lights to guide her by"
pilot rollerball, micron pigma, copics, jellyroll pes, and opaque white ink in a moleskine journal.

drawn earlier this year, began inking about a month ago-with tweaks all along the way. these are characters from my on-very-long-hiatus webcomic, but i had an itch to draw them that day.
i didn't erase my pencil lines. if you look around ferdinand, you can still see some of it by his wings.

another difference is that i did not pencil in much of the background. i just had the moon and path roughly lined out. the rest i sketched in with the rollerball.
why is it purple? because that was the one i had that day, i.e. it was the first one i grabbed. it was the first time i drew with a rollerball, freehand, and didn't make any major mistakes.

yes, the bird is glowing in the dark. that's something i've always had in mind for his character and never had a chance to illustrate (or the skills to properly show it.)

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