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oil pastel
work in progress

been meaning to post this, just haven't. *shrugs*
still working on it.

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first day at megacon has gone well. it was slow, but i sold an ashcan, an art card, 2 custom art cards and a black and white sketch.
[profile] girlwithoutfear, i haven't sold any buttons... yet!

i'm taking photos of the commissions since i have no scanner here. the quality will be crappy, but it's better than nothing. i'll prolly post them here.

very excited about tomorrow, should be more people then. 8^D

hey, [profile] tanukitsune! i'll be working on your sketch for the Nightgig Sampler this weekend!
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oil pastel
painting in progress

when Becca and i moved in to our new place, i noticed that my coffee table, an Ikea cheapie, had a busted leg. It was broken right where it screws into the tabletop with no possibility of fixing it. I decided to remove the remaining legs and turn the top into art.

I prepped the surface with clear gesso and waited for an idea. About a month went by.

The words in the background are from an english translation of a sonnet by Pablo Naruda. Becca turned me on to his poetry. She was showing me and [profile] girlwithoutfear this as we were listening to a recording of the choir she was in at KU. the choir had a performance with a theme on love and grief. this poem has been set to music and as we listened, Becca told us about the poem. Once she reread it, however, she didn't want to show it to me, thinking it would hurt.
It did, but i just can't keep avoiding stuff do to the pain. i'm eschewing the annual district fair this year because of memories, but i know i don't need to let it become an excuse. anyhow,  after reading this touching and heartfelt poem. i knew i had my answer to my painting.
i ran out of room, so that's not the complete poem and i messed up and accidently switched a couple of lines around.

we'll see where this painting goes. i still miss Ken. not a day goes by that i don't wish he was still here.


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