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copics and micron pigmas on 4x6" notecard

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this skit never fails to crack me up.

the idea was to create some art for megacon next month.
i started off with a sketch card and ended up with a more detailed piece.

i plan on making prints of this one to sell at the con.

art is © me
Ximinez, Biggles, Fang, and all things Monty Python related belong to their respective owners, i.e. not me.
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Available in My Etsy Shop!
Click here for "Not Frightened or Running"
Now Available!
Click here for "Save Yourself"
Only 15 copies left!

I'm now selling prints of "Not Frightened or Running" in my Etsy Store! I plan on selling more art in the future.
All prints are shipping USPS Priority Mail and are shipped in clear poly sleeves.
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drawn 2008
copic markers on paper

it's finished! this is the next print i will be selling. will post link when i have it up on my etsy store.
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no title as of yet
work in progress
pencil on paper

[ profile] jtpokie suggested at MegaCon that i do more art like the "Save Yourself" for prints. broadening the topic to include nursery rhymes, i came up with this. this will be the new print.
still working on the background, gotta flesh the trees out. very proud of that cottage in there. 8^)
gotta fix some anatomy flaws on miss muffet, but otherwise, i'm likin' it.
miss muffet's legs will be breaking the panel, dangling off the edge.

debating on whether to color with my copics or to use watercolors. *ponders*

will have the "Save Yourself" print for sale at CAPE. sales are slow right now in the etsy store.


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