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brush pen on paper

just a quick, little sketch i did a few months back and never posted.

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my altered book nears completion, but, alas! the binding it starting to fall apart. i didn't cut enough pages out in the beginning and the added items, such as the disected 3" floppie disk, add to the thickness, causing strain on the binding. *sigh* i'm hoping book glue will fix all ills.

starting drawing in the second altered book. did some prep work on it over at [ profile] girlwithoutfear's house as we watched "tin man" earlier this week. i took more pages out of it tonight. hopefully, i won't have the same problems with this book. 8^)

oh! and dad ordered my christmas present this week!! yay! now i won't have to panic when my copics start drying up!

fangirl squee moment: david mack's kabuki: the alchemy #9 is out! i'm in the letters section. o.0 (thanks, david! you're an inspiration. can't wait to see what the next kabuki storyline will be like!)
back at CAPE 3.0, < shameless plug>you really need to attend CAPE next year! i don't care who you are! it's fun and free! , i tracked him down and gave him a pressed four-leaf clover. i think i found, like, 10 or so of them back in march and pressed them for collage material.
he mentioned in an email that he collaged it into the book! *sssqqquuueee!* i will be getting an issue of it shortly. it should be excellent art and writing as always.

lastly, i need to edit the sizes for the web, but i took some awesome photos of an abandoned store in Cord, AR last month. will post here and x-post to [ profile] rural_ruin soon.
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becca reading
pencil on paper
drawn 7 Aug 2007

ah, the new house. moved out of dad's back at the beginning of the month. [personal profile] jocelyncee's sister, rebecca, has moved back home to finish her music degree at ASU. most evening this past few weeks has seen us just reading, unpacking and watching dvds.

it feels so good to be on my own again. the house itself is a gorgeous old 2 story that was split into 2 seperate apartments. our is downstairs. the neighborhood it's in is very pretty and we have a front porch! can't wait for the weather to cool down a bit here so i can walk in the area and sit on the porch and draw.

haven't had a chance to get interwebs hooked up at the house yet. will get on that soon. 

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pencil on paper
drawn 3 June 2007

for the record, i think the heroes for hire #13 cover is sexist and disgusting. bravo to [personal profile] divalea for the remix of it. it improves it 100%, but IMHO marvel would be better off with a totally different cover altogether. not to say that cover artist, sana takeda, isn't a good artist. it's just this cover concept that i don't like. i don't look at that cover and see strong, female characters. i see fanboys drooling and, and...ewwww. >.<
there are tons of better and far more eloquent posts against this cover out there on the web than i could ever write. go check out When Fangirls Attack and scoll for links about H4H.

so, upon hearing tentacle pron being discussed in lots of places due to this cover, a visual pun entered my head. truly, i have a twisted mind when it comes to bad puns. 9,9 true tentacle pron is squids and octipi ogling magazines featuring other cephalopods in suggestive poses. this is as close as i will ever get to tentacle pron manga or anime. i will go no closer.

i'm thinking of inking and coloring this sketch. i love bad puns.


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