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drawn nov. 18, 2006
pencil on paper

click to see this sketch rotated 180 degress.

drew this while at the creech party back in november. as you can tell from the subject line, my scanner is back! *yay!*
[ profile] girlwithoutfear and i ate at fuji last night and stopped by an office supply store. i picked up a usb extension cord. they actually made them. who knew?

anyway, this sketch is for renegade 10.
the reporter, tillie, has to get a story on the renegades. deadeye sal, who is dying, calls in a favor that results in a magic potion that puts her soul in tillie's body. the two will share during the adventure. (acutally [ profile] asqmh and [ profile] apexofgrace, i thought of this before i met you, but will you do me the honor of being a test reader when i finally get started on this project? i want to make sure i don't offend or anything.)
this service the dual purpose of giving deadeye a change to go down in a "blaze of glory" and tillie a disguise for her story.

the body's appearance changes depending on who's in control. the inner dialouge between the two is visible to the audience and not just in thought balloons. this will be accomplished with the other in chibi form on the dominant person's shoulder.

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i'll be at ken's folks for the holidays.
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drawn 10 Aug, 2006
pencil on paper

lucita the candle, the flame mage in the comic. just practing drawing a character with a hat. very tricky for me. her hands however, i could not draw right to save me. i'll add them later, i suppose.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This past Sunday would have been 6 years for Ken and me. Needless to say, it was a rough weekend. I decided to stop by the cemetary on the way to his folk's house. I cried and talked to him, hoping he could hear. Afterwards, as i drove back up the gravel road to The Prince's place, i realized something:
I had been procrastininating a bit that morning, part to steel up the nerve to go because i knew it would hurt, but while i was at home procrastinating, i felt some genuine happiness. I realized that was Ken, helping me through this. The moment i recognized that, i felt something like a hug, not a physical one, but a hug just the same. Happy and relivied, i started crying again.
as a result, i am doing better. i'm not over this by a long shot and still have bouts of tears, but it helped greatly. still miss him terribly.
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- drawn 30 June 2006 -
- inked and colored 1 July 2006 -
copics and ink

The lady, or as some would refer to her, "a soiled dove," is Clementime Harvey, one of the outlaws i'm developing for Renegade 10. i strove to make her, well, more plump like a women of this time frame would be, and for a challenge. i'm afraid all the characters i've greated thus far have had about the same body.

where i came up with the pink and purple color scheme, i dunno.

I need more practice drawing guns and hands, i positively suck at them for the moment.
i'd better get good at guns, and hats and horses and cattle if i'm going to do this western comic idea o' mine. any one know where i can get photo reference for such things without payin' an arm and a leg?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

man, i wish i could show this to ken...
been missing him a lot but today hit me hard.  eventually, i got out of the house. i think after staying wednesday and thursday night alone, without any plans to go visit a friend of do something, made me crack a bit. i'm still not ok, but i'll live. the art is helping. but i think a bunch of the grief is turning into some anger. i just don't know...
i have a feeling i'll be crying again before i go to sleep. reading helped take my mind off of it some today, before i got out of the apartment, but i feel like i'm running from the issue instead of facing it every time i distract myself. sometimes, i just need to let myself cry.
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drawn 25 June 2006
pencil on paper

visited [personal profile] jocelyncee over the weekend. her sister threw her a bridal shower so i had to go. she and her fiance, joel, have been trying to get me to lawrence for quite awhile and showed me around town. very spiffy.
on sunday, they took me to their favorite coffeehouse, la prima tazza, and hung with the morning regulars. great times and try the iced morrocan. very nummy! while sitting outside with the gang, i got my sketchbook out to draw the above sketch. the store next door had this painted sign with wrought iron. i'm guessing that FreeState beers must be a local brand, i wouldn't know since i don't drink beer, but i loved the sign.

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drawn 16 May 2006
colored 27 June 2006
pencil & copics

Matilda Mayes, a.k.a. Virginia Dann, reporter extraordinaire from Renegade 10, which is still in development. i was playing with my latest birthday present (thanks, dad!) and i lurf them muchly. they wouldn've been here earlier, but the place we ordered them from had them on back order 'til june 9. oh well. better late than never. 8^)
btw-thanks to [personal profile] divalea for suggesting copics to me. you were right; they are the spiffy.

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-drawn 27 Nov 2005 -
pencil on paper

while researching for Renegade 10, i came across an entry for Nellie Bly at wikipedia. very cool! i now have an inspiration for the reporter character. also, she has a name now. Millicent "Millie" Laura Mayes will get the pen name "Virginia Dann" from one of the editors at the paper. i have a feeling that her stubborness will earn her the unpleasant nickname "damn Virginia" around the newsroom. her overall design, however, is up in the air.
this is about how i picture her though, making a local sherrif very uncomfortable in her own stubborn way.
the sherrif needs lots of work! i suck at drawing guys.
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- drawn June 2005 -
pencil on paper

the sketch is unfinished, as you can see from the rough outline of a bartender cleaning a glass. *shrugs* i kept getting interupted and now that i look at it, her pose is too stiff.
she doesn't have a name at this stage, but she's the pluky girl-reporter type. that might change. i'll need to do some research on the costume worn during this period. plus, it looks like i better start practising on drawing guns and horses.
Edit: i found this sketch this morning while cleaning my "studio," an extra room with my computer and drawing table. i had forgotten about this one until i saw it.
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- drawn 13 June '05 -
pencil on paper

this is for one of my other comic ideas, Renegade 10. it's just a working title. the comic itself is still in concept stage. it was spawned after watching The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and too much "Trigun." There are some differences. The tech is way more steampunk than in Trigun, and there's lots o' magic about.

the story follows an aspiring reporter and pulp fiction writer as she spends time with the Wild West's Ten Most Wanted in order to write dime store novels. The portrait above is for #3 on that a list, Lucita the Candle, a Flame mage with a temper.

i messed up on the shadows now that i look at it, but oh well.


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