bluecanarykit: a cartoon of me drawing (self-portrait)

created in adobe illustrator

i love vector art. it's fun to play around and see what i get.
i need to learn to use the gradient mesh.

the gold pearl kinda reminds me of the princess' golden ball in the "frog prince" fairy tale.

i had a wonderful trip to san antonio with girlwithoutfear this past weekend.
we were there to visit divalea & her awesome daughter! let me show you how talented this kid is-she made a plushie of eva 01 from evangelion, by hand and created her own pattern. go check out her dA account and see her stuff. i couldn't do this stuff at 16,  let alone right now! plus, she draws so well. i look forward to what this girl will do.

lea let me use her computer to create this.
i had such a fun time! i hope alice and i can see you & sum again soon!

oh, btw, have you seen girlwithoutfear's new blog? you really should! go, alice, go!!

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tshirt art!

May. 1st, 2008 07:41 pm
bluecanarykit: a cartoon of me drawing (Default)
tshirt art

tshirt design from work, back imprint
pen and ink line art, scanned and vectorized, corel draw

just a quick note while i scramble to get things finished up for CAPE.
this was for a rush job at work and i'm so tickled on how it turned out that i'm posting it here.
boss, if you have a problem with it being here, let me know and i'll take it down with no hard feelings.

still trying to finish up the miss muffet print for CAPE. *crosses fingers* it's down to the wire.
stupid local kinko's, closin' at 11pm. *shakes fist at stupid local kinko's*

[ profile] girlwithoutfear and i leave early tomorrow morning. expect a con report when i get home.
i'll try not to hit any deer this time on the way home. 9.9


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