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originally posed on my twitter on April 16th.
a friend asked for design advice, so i'm reposting so i can find these easier.

design rule #1 - no more than 3 fonts per design.

design rule # 2 - convert all type to outlines/curves. we can't guarantee we have the same fonts.

design rule #3 - clip art you found on the internet is not an original logo.

design rule #4 - art from internet is too low rez (72dpi) & will print crappy, especially if you want enlarged for a big sign.

design rule # 5 -don't use a hojillion colors. it's hard to read. limit your colors to 2-3 per design.

design rule # 6 - don't design logos in photoshop. use scaleable friendly vectors like illustrator or corel draw.

design rule # 7- clip art from a cheapy design program is also not an original logo. deal with it.

design rule # 8 - do not use a script font in all caps. can't read it and it looks crappy.

design rule #9 - no real designer uses microsoft office product or publisher to design. no pro printer will be able to use it.

"design rule # 10 - Designers can't read your mind no matter how awesome we are"
-wisdom from @mastergeebo

design rule #11 - don't let family or friends design your logo, unless they are a skilled designer.

Design Rule # 12 - if printing a photo, keep it high rez (300 dpi @ least.) is ok to go to do 72 dpi if you enlarge high rez image real big!

Design Rule #12 - addendum: "real big" means like 18" wide or something. poster sized!

Design Rule # 13 - Decorative fonts like Curlz & Jokerman are only good for Headlines. Limit your useage of them. Don't use them in logos!

Design Rule # 14 - This one applies to the comics: Do not letter a comic using comic sans! In fact, just delete if off your comp entirely!

Design Rule # 14 addendum : there are many wonderful fonts for lettering a comic that are free! Go use these & thank Nate.

wisdom from @PiousKnob: "@bluecanarykit don't forget: a product shot with half a logo on it is NOT a logo image"
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