Nov. 29th, 2010 07:15 pm
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drawn in 2008
pencil on paper

i rediscovered this one after going back through my old sketchbooks.
dunno if i'll ever flesh it out beyond this. i kinda like the simplicity of the pencils.

i've also felt like this.
the few times i went to school dances (and it was an extremely small school, mind you) i would hover waiting on others approval.

i'm done wanting, but still learning to move on my own.
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copic markers & towbow brush pen with opaque white ink highlights on 4 x 6" artcard.

Tony Tony Chopper from "One Piece" is © Eiichiro Oda.
art © me.

yet another artcard for megacon. nowhere near enough of them done, but oh well. i'll be drawing all weekend it looks like.
my flight leaves tomorrow. i'm excited and broke as can be.
here's hoppin'.

i uploaded some more art over on my dA. i'll be making prints out of these for the con and to sell later on etsy.

now, off to finish packing, making art, etc. i'm gonna be up way late tonight.

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journal comic for 2-17-10

I started a journal comic earlier this year, it's called "Flaky."
Journal comics seems to be a dime-a-dozen. so it looks like i'm jumping on the fad bandwagon, but i know that no two journals are the same.
still part of me is screaming "copycat" at myself.

I'm doing it for me-to air things out, to get things sorted in my head.
Not easy to do it in a format where anyone & everyone, provided they are interested enough, can see such details of my life. Oh, i can chose which details i show and when, but hiding things from myself will do no good in the long run.

I'm doing it to open myself up & to help me notice things-it's for my reference, not attention.
It's also to get myself updating something besides my dw and lj regularly; to get myself back into the grove of making a comic.

The art will be much rougher & have elements like my altered books. Partly because it's fun, mostly because if i don't do it quickly, i'll get bored, frustrated and will not update at all.
i know me. it's how i operate.
for example, i had diffculty scanning this one.
it was too big for the scan bed. i hate scanning something into two pieces and putting it back together.
the first scans didn't seems to mesh when i combined them, so it sat around for a month before i rescanned and assembled it together again.

i like just drawing on whatever surface is available with whatever is at hand. The above was done in ballpoint pen on a bank envelope, with 2 pages form a small notepad when i ran out of room. i only used my copic markers at the end to give a bit of color to "my inner doubts".

it won't all be serious-weird mental images and funny little things will get posted too.
plus, i don't know any talking trees wearing suits, but that didn't stop me from adding mr. treehead to it.

right now it's on tumblr-jocelyncee, a.k.a., @jochan1977 is working of the code for iscript to make the nightgig version work.
soon as it does, i'll post links on my twitter and here.

so, if you're interested, here it is.
i will not be posting anymore of the journal comic here-this is for art & sketches only.
updates will be listed on my twitter for flaky.
if you want to/are are interested in my personal twitter, let me know in the comments. if i don't recognize who's requesting access to that one, i usually don't approve it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

the month of march...it makes me feel pulled in two directions.
on one hand, i have the events of march 2006, mom's accident & ken's sudden death.
the other is march 2008, when [personal profile] kotaotan  unexpectedly came into my life and has stayed there.
great sorrow & joy.

just as winter ended, ken's life did, too. he always liked winter.

as a later spring began, my relationship with kev also bloomed.

i've come to realize since ken's death, that i can not be, will not be, a miss haversham type, clinging to what has gone wrong and to the pain...i just can't bear it. it's not me.
i don't see myself wailing about, never changing from what was, except to grow embittered.

i can put the hard stuff inside, put it aside so to speak, and just go, but i'll have to deal with it later, though. that much i've learned.
maybe that's another reason "Flaky" exists...so i can actually deal, learn, and grow.
things that would escape my notice, i can go back and see.

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"mahna mahna"
copics, tombow brush pen, opaque white ink on 4x6" index card

more stuff for megacon. i don't have near as much done as i would like, but i'm getting there.
if you are going to be in orlando & will be at the con-please come by my half table in artist's alley-i'll be int he brown section, i believe, with the small crew from nightgig.com.

i <3 the muppets.
i would be so excited when it would come on tv when i was little. it was one of my favorites.
gotta love tunes that stick in your heads for days and days.

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copics on notecard
4" x 6"

i have known about doctor who for ages. i never saw enough episodes on our old pbs station growing up to get and interest (plus, dad would always change the channel 9.9)

ken always loved the fourth doctor, and his favorite character was k-9.
i got him an action figure on k-9 one year, but i never looked into the series myself.

i was glad to hear the show had come back, but i always want to start with the beginning...
yeah, that's gonna be hard to not only find episodes of the first doctor, but to sit though them.
in any case, [personal profile] kotaotan  has gotten me hooked to the new series, and i'm slowing branching out with the old. i'm going to start with the second doctor instead. he looks much more approachable.

this one didn't take as long to draw as the spanish inquisition, but i'm thinking of making prints of it, too. 8^)

i still have tons to draw before megacon.
at least i have my tickets.

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copics and micron pigmas on 4x6" notecard

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

this skit never fails to crack me up.

the idea was to create some art for megacon next month.
i started off with a sketch card and ended up with a more detailed piece.

i plan on making prints of this one to sell at the con.

art is © me
Ximinez, Biggles, Fang, and all things Monty Python related belong to their respective owners, i.e. not me.
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Portrait of Tomoya Oshikawa
Feb. 5th, 2010

Copics, micron pigmas, Towbow brush pen, & pencil on paper.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This was a "bon voyage/glad to see you again" present for my friend, with whom I had sadly lost touch until recently.

Tomoya was the college roommate of my first boyfriend.
I have fond memories of Tomoya and it was great to catch up with what he has been doing.
He is just wrapping up a month or so long stay here before going back to Japan.

I hope we keep in touch this time.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

i'm going to megacon this year!
i'll be in the brown section of artist's alley with the rest of the nightgig crew and will be selling art prints, art/sketchcards, and taking commissions.
hope to see you there!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

lastly, i've started a journal comic, i'm calling "flaky".
jocelyn is helping with the codework for the gig site, but the tumblr mirror is up and uploading!

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"Pulling Strings"
Portrait of Aimee Cole
Inks & Copic Markers on Bristol Board
January 2, 2010

Participated in a Secret Santa party this weekend (yeah, i know, Christmas is over, but still...) with [personal profile] kotaotan  and his friends.

I like to make things for gifts. Last year, i drew this for Valerie.
This year, I drew Aimee's name and it took me awhile to decide on what to draw.

Aimee is a muppet fan, so I decided to portray her as a muppeteer. Her muppet is a caricature of her husband, Scott.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

First post & drawing of the year! yay!
Hope you all had good holidays and may this year treat you well. 8^)

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"Waiting For Red"
August 2009
rollerball pen, copic sketch markers, sakura micron pigmas, & opaque white ink for highlights in a moleskine journal.

ever wondered what happened after grandma was eaten, but before little red riding hood arrived?
the wolf gets in character, of course!

i think mister b. b. wolf needs to work on his knitting.
the pattern is for a 2 legged long-john and he has 3 so far, but since he's using double-point needles and i haven't gotten the hang of them yet, i'll cut him some slack.

i loved playing with the patterns on his quilt.

and yes, the rollers that i put on miss ladybug are back. they were just too much fun and i didn't want a floppy, chef hat sort of thing that most illustrations put granny in.

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created in adobe illustrator

i love vector art. it's fun to play around and see what i get.
i need to learn to use the gradient mesh.

the gold pearl kinda reminds me of the princess' golden ball in the "frog prince" fairy tale.

i had a wonderful trip to san antonio with girlwithoutfear this past weekend.
we were there to visit divalea & her awesome daughter! let me show you how talented this kid is-she made a plushie of eva 01 from evangelion, by hand and created her own pattern. go check out her dA account and see her stuff. i couldn't do this stuff at 16,  let alone right now! plus, she draws so well. i look forward to what this girl will do.

lea let me use her computer to create this.
i had such a fun time! i hope alice and i can see you & sum again soon!

oh, btw, have you seen girlwithoutfear's new blog? you really should! go, alice, go!!

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originally posed on my twitter on April 16th.
a friend asked for design advice, so i'm reposting so i can find these easier.

design rule #1 - no more than 3 fonts per design.

design rule # 2 - convert all type to outlines/curves. we can't guarantee we have the same fonts.

design rule #3 - clip art you found on the internet is not an original logo.

design rule #4 - art from internet is too low rez (72dpi) & will print crappy, especially if you want enlarged for a big sign.

design rule # 5 -don't use a hojillion colors. it's hard to read. limit your colors to 2-3 per design.

design rule # 6 - don't design logos in photoshop. use scaleable friendly vectors like illustrator or corel draw.

design rule # 7- clip art from a cheapy design program is also not an original logo. deal with it.

design rule # 8 - do not use a script font in all caps. can't read it and it looks crappy.

design rule #9 - no real designer uses microsoft office product or publisher to design. no pro printer will be able to use it.

"design rule # 10 - Designers can't read your mind no matter how awesome we are"
-wisdom from @mastergeebo

design rule #11 - don't let family or friends design your logo, unless they are a skilled designer.

Design Rule # 12 - if printing a photo, keep it high rez (300 dpi @ least.) is ok to go to do 72 dpi if you enlarge high rez image real big!

Design Rule #12 - addendum: "real big" means like 18" wide or something. poster sized!

Design Rule # 13 - Decorative fonts like Curlz & Jokerman are only good for Headlines. Limit your useage of them. Don't use them in logos!

Design Rule # 14 - This one applies to the comics: Do not letter a comic using comic sans! In fact, just delete if off your comp entirely!

Design Rule # 14 addendum : there are many wonderful fonts for lettering a comic that are free! Go use these & thank Nate. www.blambot.com

wisdom from @PiousKnob: "@bluecanarykit don't forget: a product shot with half a logo on it is NOT a logo image"
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"ladybug ladybug"
finished 7-18-09
copics, micron pigmas, pitt-castel brush pen, opaque white ink in a moleskine journal

the little rhyme was in my head a few weeks back.
changed the ending though. i have a friend who was burned as a teenager and another who lost a home in a fire. the implication of endangering little insect children, therefore, was not something i could bear...even if they were imaginary insect children.
i wanted to make this cartoony as possible.

so, little miss ladybug is on her way home from the local bug laundromat, taking her faithful pet mosquito for a walk, when she sees the smoke.
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"two lights to guide her by"
pilot rollerball, micron pigma, copics, jellyroll pes, and opaque white ink in a moleskine journal.

drawn earlier this year, began inking about a month ago-with tweaks all along the way. these are characters from my on-very-long-hiatus webcomic, but i had an itch to draw them that day.
i didn't erase my pencil lines. if you look around ferdinand, you can still see some of it by his wings.

another difference is that i did not pencil in much of the background. i just had the moon and path roughly lined out. the rest i sketched in with the rollerball.
why is it purple? because that was the one i had that day, i.e. it was the first one i grabbed. it was the first time i drew with a rollerball, freehand, and didn't make any major mistakes.

yes, the bird is glowing in the dark. that's something i've always had in mind for his character and never had a chance to illustrate (or the skills to properly show it.)

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"Atomic Robo is Not Afraid to Use a Buick"
private collection of by Scott Wegener, artist of Atomic Robo.
4x6" art card copic markers and white opaque ink (for highlights)
Atomic Robo © 2008 Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener

i know, took me forever to post these.
since this was created at a con and i lacked access to a scanner, a crappy digital camera pic was the only way i could record my art, since they now belong in the private collection of others. i've done some editing to try to get it looking right, but my apologies if it looks crappy.

i was initially disappointed by how blurry the looked, it discouraged me from posting them in the first place. hopefully, photoshop has fixed that, or at least made it tolerable.

Read more... )

pin # help

May. 13th, 2009 07:41 pm
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i'm looking through my settings trying to find a way i can post here via text or mobile web.
i keep seeing something about a pin number.

i'm brainless and can not find what mine is (if i need one at all.) o.0


May. 2nd, 2009 01:37 pm
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decided to import my lj entries over here.
will go through and make sure friendslocked entries are access only.
my art is public, but thoughts, etc. are private. if the entry was public on lj, i'll keep it that way here.
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copics & ink on 3" x 5" notecard

Makar plays a tun in the Forest Haven's mists.

Makar from "Legend of Zelda: The WindWaker", created and © Nintendo.
art is © 2008 kathryn "kit" white

- - - - - - - - - - - -

my external HD is dead and a lot of art i hadn't gotten around to posting, not to mention all my webcomic files, etc, is gone; unless it can be retrieved off the drive.

this is one of several pieces that i neglected to move to my external. yay for files that have survived!

i didn't make too many art cards, originally planning to have them for cons this year, but it looks like i won't be able to go to any. there is always next year.
2 more fanart-y cards after the jump! )copics & ink on 3" x 5" notecard

Link waits to make his move.
(not a scene from WindWaker, just drawn in that style.)

Link from "Legend of Zelda" & related characters, created and © Nintendo.
art is © 2008 kathryn "kit" white

copics & ink on 3" x 5" notecard

Kero-chan loves his sweets!

Kero-chan from "CardCaptor Sakura", created and © Clamp.
art is © 2008 kathryn "kit" white2 more fanart-y cards after the jump! )
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"Pandora's Box (inner doubt, fear & demons)"
pencil on paper (work in progress)
drawn 2-15-2009

i think this one speaks for itself. welcome to my creative block.
before this, i hadn't drawn since finishing my pages for the GFT book, Seeds.
this thing kinda snuck up on me and...bleh. feel like i'm whining, so i'll stop.
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Available in My Etsy Shop!
Click here for "Not Frightened or Running"
Now Available!
Click here for "Save Yourself"
Only 15 copies left!

I'm now selling prints of "Not Frightened or Running" in my Etsy Store! I plan on selling more art in the future.
All prints are shipping USPS Priority Mail and are shipped in clear poly sleeves.
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page 1
ink, digital graytones
story by mavlock, who will be doing the lettering for this story.

it's been awhile since my last post-it's getting very annoying to scan on my old computer. i can barely see the screen due to the lines of dead pixels and my scanner's drivers will not work with vista. 9.9

Page 2 behind cut )

page 2

Here we have a story within a story. Laurel, with Tummel the bear, gets read a story by her Nanny, Bella. In the story, a new mother's baby is carried away by the elves and replaced with a changeling! The tale shows how the mom recovers her baby.
To read the full story and see the contributions by the other artists (all the things i've seen have been wonderful!) you'll have to buy the book.

Grim Furry Tales Main Site

x-posted to my dA account.

special thanks to mavlock for letting me be part of this project-best of luck on the book!
and to [livejournal.com profile] mattdocmartin for giving me the heads up about this in the first place. 8^)


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