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"It's Running Out!"
altered clock, collage, mixed media
26 January, 2008

ok, everything i just typed went bye-bye. *shakes fist at lj!* i do not like the insert media tag. why? why won't you do right? grrr. and if i try to edit those extra html tags to where they won't show...then it tells me "invaid video url." 9.9

my boss gave me an old clock. she has tons of them in the office as display samples to show our clients. this was an extra she didn't need. i decided to cover up the old imprint by altering it. the theme is dealing with my constant running late/procrastination problem. i'm pleased with the results. can't wait to get it working and on my wall.
i'll need to get new works. the current ones will get caught on the paper crane or scrabble tiles.

the photos were taken outside. couldn't get the lighting right inside. either washed out by the flash or too yellow by incandescent bulbs. my skills in color correction in photoshop are woefully lacking. need to work on that.

x-posted to my dA account. i won't be posting that art from dA to lj live i was. the images are just too small!
if i have to make two separate posts to make it look better, then so be it.


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