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journal comic for 2-17-10

I started a journal comic earlier this year, it's called "Flaky."
Journal comics seems to be a dime-a-dozen. so it looks like i'm jumping on the fad bandwagon, but i know that no two journals are the same.
still part of me is screaming "copycat" at myself.

I'm doing it for me-to air things out, to get things sorted in my head.
Not easy to do it in a format where anyone & everyone, provided they are interested enough, can see such details of my life. Oh, i can chose which details i show and when, but hiding things from myself will do no good in the long run.

I'm doing it to open myself up & to help me notice things-it's for my reference, not attention.
It's also to get myself updating something besides my dw and lj regularly; to get myself back into the grove of making a comic.

The art will be much rougher & have elements like my altered books. Partly because it's fun, mostly because if i don't do it quickly, i'll get bored, frustrated and will not update at all.
i know me. it's how i operate.
for example, i had diffculty scanning this one.
it was too big for the scan bed. i hate scanning something into two pieces and putting it back together.
the first scans didn't seems to mesh when i combined them, so it sat around for a month before i rescanned and assembled it together again.

i like just drawing on whatever surface is available with whatever is at hand. The above was done in ballpoint pen on a bank envelope, with 2 pages form a small notepad when i ran out of room. i only used my copic markers at the end to give a bit of color to "my inner doubts".

it won't all be serious-weird mental images and funny little things will get posted too.
plus, i don't know any talking trees wearing suits, but that didn't stop me from adding mr. treehead to it.

right now it's on tumblr-jocelyncee, a.k.a., @jochan1977 is working of the code for iscript to make the nightgig version work.
soon as it does, i'll post links on my twitter and here.

so, if you're interested, here it is.
i will not be posting anymore of the journal comic here-this is for art & sketches only.
updates will be listed on my twitter for flaky.
if you want to/are are interested in my personal twitter, let me know in the comments. if i don't recognize who's requesting access to that one, i usually don't approve it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

the month of makes me feel pulled in two directions.
on one hand, i have the events of march 2006, mom's accident & ken's sudden death.
the other is march 2008, when [personal profile] kotaotan  unexpectedly came into my life and has stayed there.
great sorrow & joy.

just as winter ended, ken's life did, too. he always liked winter.

as a later spring began, my relationship with kev also bloomed.

i've come to realize since ken's death, that i can not be, will not be, a miss haversham type, clinging to what has gone wrong and to the pain...i just can't bear it. it's not me.
i don't see myself wailing about, never changing from what was, except to grow embittered.

i can put the hard stuff inside, put it aside so to speak, and just go, but i'll have to deal with it later, though. that much i've learned.
maybe that's another reason "Flaky" i can actually deal, learn, and grow.
things that would escape my notice, i can go back and see.

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