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"Puppy Love"
drawn 5-5-2007
Commissioned by Brynne (again, i'm sorry if i mis-spelled the name.)

sorry about the image quality. had to use my digital camera.

My first return customer, she and her husband brought their little dachund this year. what a cutie! They were such sweet, sweet people and yet i keep forgetting to ask names!
Oh, well. I hope you enjoy the sketch and pet the doggie for me!

Con-report and links to photos in next post.
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drawn 17 Feb. 2007
Ink and copic
"Winter Walk"
I want Amelia's Kitty Hat. mine is getting ratty and old looking.

more later. very tired.
job interview went well. we'll see if i get the job. that is all. 8^)
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Originally uploaded by madscott.
Drawn 17 Feb. 2007
Copics and ink on Cardstock

Tim (or was it [profile] madscott?) had a spiffy idea to sketch on preformated frames with the nightgig address. we all sat around saturday night after the con and sketched and drew. it was a blast.
click on the drawing to see it in more detail.
to see the other sketches, click here.

will post con report and more sketches later.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
i have a job interview tomorrow in memphis. eeeek! i feel very unprepared and nervous. be thinking good thoughts and stuff.
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drawn 2-6-07
pencil on paper

cover for the ashcan comic i've been working on.
one of amelia's hands need work and i need to draw ferdinand, he doesn't look right.
yes, that's a pair of horns and batwings on the soda can she's holding. possessed soda machines tend to do that. 6^)P
fyi-odile is drinking water.

a week from tomorrow i'll be on a plane heading towards florida for MegaCon. i'll be at the nightgig booth with tim, [profile] madscottand [personal profile] jocelyncee. looking forward to this! gotta finish the ashcan though! i have one more story to finish thumbnailing and draw. the cover image is from that story. stop by booth red 5 (the minute i heard that [personal profile] jocelyncee and i started doing star wars references: "this is red 5, i'm going in!" "red leader, this is gold leader." we're such geeks.) and visit us! pick up a copy of the ashcan comic!

i've asked my fellow Nan Grant winners to contribute anything they wanted (ads, art previews, short story, etc.)and it should me awesome.

i'm also going to CAPE again this year with [profile] girlwithoutfear. yay! i loved CAPE and i'm excited to go. i just hope it doesn't conflict with memphis in may, for [personal profile] hillarygayle has commanded that i go. 8^)

and back in december, i started a comicspace site for myself.
comicspace is like myspace for comic creators, fans and folks in the comic industry. they just enabled the feature to allow you to post comics there. i'll be posting something there soon.  in the meantime f-list, go check it out!
i'm avoiding myspace like the plague, but i love the site. it's easy on the eyes. i'll post here when i post a comic there.
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[profile] girlwithoutfear and i won't be attending wizardworld this weekend after all.
she's currently in the hospital fighting a "raging" kidney infection. i went to visit her after work. she's doing better but this puts a crimp on our plans. we were all signed up for artist's alley and everything...

but, like she said, best it happens now rather than get down there and her get sick and far away from home. maybe this is for the best. *shrugs* besides, i'm only half-way done with the mini-comic i was going to have anyway. she asked me to feed her kitties while she in the hospital.
perhaps we can get the money back from the booth or put that towards a spot for chicago or next year's texas.

[profile] girlwithoutfeardid mention that con-sequential was this weekend in memphis. i may go to that...i hate going to cons alone. i like having someone to talk to, to share and stuff. ah, well. next time, alice!
get well soon!
your cats miss you and so do your friends.


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