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Portrait of Tomoya Oshikawa
Feb. 5th, 2010

Copics, micron pigmas, Towbow brush pen, & pencil on paper.

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This was a "bon voyage/glad to see you again" present for my friend, with whom I had sadly lost touch until recently.

Tomoya was the college roommate of my first boyfriend.
I have fond memories of Tomoya and it was great to catch up with what he has been doing.
He is just wrapping up a month or so long stay here before going back to Japan.

I hope we keep in touch this time.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

i'm going to megacon this year!
i'll be in the brown section of artist's alley with the rest of the nightgig crew and will be selling art prints, art/sketchcards, and taking commissions.
hope to see you there!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

lastly, i've started a journal comic, i'm calling "flaky".
jocelyn is helping with the codework for the gig site, but the tumblr mirror is up and uploading!

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"Pulling Strings"
Portrait of Aimee Cole
Inks & Copic Markers on Bristol Board
January 2, 2010

Participated in a Secret Santa party this weekend (yeah, i know, Christmas is over, but still...) with [personal profile] kotaotan  and his friends.

I like to make things for gifts. Last year, i drew this for Valerie.
This year, I drew Aimee's name and it took me awhile to decide on what to draw.

Aimee is a muppet fan, so I decided to portray her as a muppeteer. Her muppet is a caricature of her husband, Scott.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

First post & drawing of the year! yay!
Hope you all had good holidays and may this year treat you well. 8^)

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drawn 2008
copics on paper

drew this as a baby shower present for my friend, [profile] lkemp.
her request was an image of her then pregnant self as a fairy, with pink and purple wings. i finished the sketch at the shower,  but i didn't get it done, however until a few weeks ago, as the gang got together for a cabin trip on the river. for awhile, i had though i had ruined the image when i started inking (outlines wwaaaayyyyy too thick).
leslie, if you want to use the art to make an lj icon, etc, consider this permission to do so. thanks again for scanning it for me. i hope you and [profile] macphile enjoy the art and the baby is adorable! much <3s to you both.

wow, i've been MIA! have tons of frakking stuff to post. will do so a little at a time.
and for those of you who are interested, photos from CAPE 4.0 live art night.
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"convert to moles"
17 july 2007
copics and pen on paper

back in the fall, i overheard [personal profile] hillarygayle, [personal profile] starry_midnight and [profile] mustangtracy talking about chemistry homework. they kept saying something about "converting to moles" before working the equations...0.o and this is what my mind produced.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

oh! congrats to [personal profile] wayfarersgirl - check this out! she and her sisters have several gigs this week. break a leg, ya'll! 8^)

and speaking of harry potter, i've volunteered to help out at the local b&n potter party. they've asked me to do face painting. now i must to find face paint! 0.o so far, hobby lobby has been a bust. boo.
not for sure if the acrylics i have would work. i know very well that my watercolors won't and i don't want something that would stain or cause angry parentage. that would suck.

most of my art so far has been in my altered book. will post that soon.

and lastly, end of the month i'll be moving out of dad's! i'll be sharing an apartment with [personal profile] jocelyncee's sis, becca. very excited about this. however, i'm scrambling to make sure i have enough for deposits, first months rent and payin' my current bills! *out of breath*
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pen, ink, copics
drawn aug 12, 2006
inked and colored aug 23, 2006

just finished a belated gift for the wedding of my friend, hilary w., to basil h. i actually took my sketchbook to the ceremony to get the details on the dress right. tacky, i know, but right now i don't care. debating on whether to frame it or not...
i think i lost some of the likenesses when i inked the drawing. *shrugs* i kept the original pencils, so they can have that if they like it better.

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i'm posting but i'm not good right now.
maybe later, i'll be ok, but right now i just want to scream. and no, it's not the drawings fault or hilary w.'s. i'm just an emotional wreck right now. if you pray, a few prayersfor me and my family would be most appreciated. thanks.
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Image hosted by
-drawn Dec. 22, 2005 -
pen & ink
paper size=11x17 (reduded 70% to fit scan bed)

i'll be coloring and framing this one tonight! This features Ken's characters, Gunther (with the swords) and Pyrus. The seem to have been shrunk from their original size! i'm still thinking of what they are going to be saying, but Pyrus is trying to find a counter spell in a spellbook of his that wasn't effected by the spell. being this small makes reading fast a little tougher.
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internet at home is out. 8^(P
in the meantime, here's this...

Image hosted by
- drawn Dec. 19, 2005 -
Mixed Media (pen & ink, watercolor wash)

the dogs are 2 of the family pets, Lucky and Goldie. They love to go fishing, hence the tackle box and fishing poles.
more later.


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