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drawn 25 June 2006
pencil on paper

visited [personal profile] jocelyncee over the weekend. her sister threw her a bridal shower so i had to go. she and her fiance, joel, have been trying to get me to lawrence for quite awhile and showed me around town. very spiffy.
on sunday, they took me to their favorite coffeehouse, la prima tazza, and hung with the morning regulars. great times and try the iced morrocan. very nummy! while sitting outside with the gang, i got my sketchbook out to draw the above sketch. the store next door had this painted sign with wrought iron. i'm guessing that FreeState beers must be a local brand, i wouldn't know since i don't drink beer, but i loved the sign.

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drawn 16 May 2006
colored 27 June 2006
pencil & copics

Matilda Mayes, a.k.a. Virginia Dann, reporter extraordinaire from Renegade 10, which is still in development. i was playing with my latest birthday present (thanks, dad!) and i lurf them muchly. they wouldn've been here earlier, but the place we ordered them from had them on back order 'til june 9. oh well. better late than never. 8^)
btw-thanks to [personal profile] divalea for suggesting copics to me. you were right; they are the spiffy.


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